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UNICEDU is an educational consulting company that supports the education and social lives of students with its 20 years of experience. University applications, education and career planning, visa and residence card services, accommodation services and many other services are our specialties. If you want to receive support from a to z in your study life, you are at the right address.
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We are with you during the admission process to ensure that university applications run smoothly. Enrollment in the world’s best universities is now very easy with UNICEDU.

We offer you the safest and most affordable accommodation in the city where you will be studying. The support of our real estate service is just a phone call or email away.

Integrating into a new country and city can often be difficult. UNICEDU organizes orientation events to ensure full integration in the city where you will study. UNICEDU experts provide counseling to students in the preparatory year during their choice of fields and universities. UNICEDU organizes university trips for students and brings them together with former graduates from universities so that they can receive feedbacks on their field.

The most challenging part of studying abroad is the visa application period after receiving university acceptance. Completing the documents correctly, filling out the forms correctly and many overlooked details can turn our dreams into nightmares. Likewise, residence card applications that need to be made after arriving in the country can sometimes take months, especially if you do not know the language of the country, you may find yourself in a huge dark room. You can take advantage of our services to avoid all these potential problems.

Being alone and lost in a new country with a lot of suitcases in your hands is perhaps the worst start. Both not being able to find the accommodation you will live in or paying more than necessary transfer fees are painful experiences for all of us. You can have the luxury of starting your adventure with a professional translator and guiding you by taking service from us.

Health problems in a new country or problems you experience in official institutions and many more accidents that may happen to you are the reality of life that every person must count. You will feel the difference of being special and you can benefit from our services, which is just a phone call away for your every problem.

Our Awards
Our Awards
Our company is an institution that has received many awards and is appreciated by international organizations both for the number of students it enrolls and for its professionalism.

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